Our Employees

The corporate values of Enegra are based upon a number of important principles and capture qualities that each employee is encouraged to embody as an essential part of our success:
  1. Be a trusted global partner
  2. Keep our commitments
  3. Share our vision and our passion
  4. Strive for our customer's satisfaction
  5. Be one team
  6. Celebrate success

Developing our capability, delivering value to our customers on a global basis and securing long-term profitable growth is founded on releasing the potential of our employees. We support the development of our staff including formalized employee development discussions and structured programs for personal and professional development.

Enegra recognizes that as a dynamic global business, communication is a critical ingredient for our success. We place emphasis on both formal and informal communication. All levels of management are accessible to all staff and we encourage collaboration and the development of ideas that contribute to increased business performance and continuous improvement.

While we deliver respect for other cultures we also expect the same in return. As a global company we embrace diversity and respect for the different environments in which we operate and endeavor to integrate local customs cultures and local requirements. Employees from different nations, cultures, ethnic groups, genders, generations and backgrounds all contribute their skills and different perspectives to improving the delivery of our products and services to our customers. Enegra supports an workplace environment where all employees are recognized and rewarded on the basis of their performance, effort, contribution and achievements. The company's performance management is based on our employees having a clear understanding of:

We aim to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees, not only on Enegra premises, but also for those staff and contractors working on client sites. The company aims to comply with all relevant local legislation or regulations, and best practice guidelines. We also liaise with staff regarding our policies and practices so that we can continue to maintain a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment.