Matching Producers & Buyers Globally

ENEGRA has a team of highly talented and dedicated people with a range of skills from geology, mining, metallurgy, logistics, marketing and commerce. It is through our skills and resources that we are able to assess many types of products and how to improve your projects capabilities. Our structured and focused marketing contracts allows efficiency of operations under security of purchase. With Enegra linking producers with consumers, the outcome is a win-win solution with productivity improvements and cost reductions.

Financing of Commodity Transactions

Enegra is able to finance mining operations either for development or expansion and has accredited and recognized financial service licenses (FSL) to provide project financing advice. Enegra has the ability to link suppliers and customers across the globe with our integrated logistics network. Enegra is currently focused on thermal coal opportunities, but has the ability to undertake trade finance and logistics for the following commodities:


Productivity Improvements

Enegra is able to structure commodity financing that has a long term strategic partnership perspective. We can help deliver productivity improvements through process assessment and improvement techniques. Optimisation of your mining operations, structured with an Enegra commodity trade financing solution, will enable long term security of marketing solutions helping reduce the overall risk profile of your business.

Commodity Quality Guaranteed

Quality alone is not a solution to marketing products. Long term supply and process control techniques to minimise variation are typically seen as more important in customer relationships within the supply chain. Enegra has vast experience in process control analysis and process control implementation systems that can improve productivity and product quality control. By understanding your operational issues and undertaking careful strategic market analysis, Enegra will be able to deliver a solution for long term prosperity.

Supply Chain Management

Enegra's unique marketing model allows the complete integration and optimisation of the logistics supply chain. Our supply chain management systems are able to reliably track products across the entire supply chain. Our logistics management systems in trucking, barging and shipping is able to deliver reliable controllable monitoring of product systems.


Enegra is focused on delivering products to customers reliably, on time in quality specification and over long term relationships. Both suppliers and consumers generally have the same complaint. How can we have a long term relationship? Can our product variation be minimised? Can the product be on time? Why can't we have long term agreements? Enegra can deliver and arrange all of this. Creating integrated and successful supply to customer chain management delivers real benefits to all parties. Our aim to to create value to all parties in all parts of the supply chain in a reliable cost efficient manner.