Stockpile & Coal Terminal

ENEGRA is currently assessing several options for a coal stockpile blending and port facility, which will meet our future strategic needs. The vision is for an optimally located stockpile blending facility that will enable the processing of large volumes of coal from many different mines into one or two consistent blended quality outputs. This vision will bring together many producers and buyers, who can reliably expect consistent product quality. Our engineering team is assessing the options and conducting a detailed scoping exercise before we launch a feasibility study for an integrated stockpile, alongside a large-scale deep-water port facility.

Logistics Support - Helicopter

ENEGRA has purchased a utility helicopter for its coal supply chain operations and logistics support in Kalimantan. This helicopter, a Euro-copter B105, is being ferried by sea from the USA, and is expected to be operational in Kalimantan in July 2012. The helicopter has seating capacity for five passengers, a cargo area, twin engine reliability and a long range fuel tank, giving the helicopter a range of over 400 Nm. The helicopter will also have a lift capacity of up to 1000kg slung load. The helicopter will be based in Kalimantan, and be used for logistics support operations and for efficient management of the coal supply chain. The efficiencies obtained will enable ENEGRA to optimize coal support operations and supply chain process from mine gate to ship loading, and to provide cost effective logistics support to ENEGRA management and staff in Indonesia.